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Adventures on The Great Sacandaga Lake with Hobie Kayaks on Memorial Day!

Where else would you want to be on Memorial Day, but on the water in a Hobie kayak!!

Jess kayaking Memorial Day

Not only are Hobies good for people but the dogs love them too!

Jess on hobie memorial day

Heading to Scout Island!
Jess kayaking behind pic

Cheers to another fun Hobie adventure!!

2 thoughts on “Adventures on The Great Sacandaga Lake with Hobie Kayaks on Memorial Day!

  1. Hello Jessica, My dog Arctic and I want to do some kayaking like you and your dog are doing in this beautiful picture. We want to get out on the water in a lightweight but sturdy and stable watercraft that I can load, transport and beach launch myself. We live in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on Lake Michigan’s northern shore. We’re down the street from a little cove off a big bay, so I have a safe place to learn along with Arctic. He came from Marine City, where his breeder has a big boat for the Great Lakes. Arctic was out there on the water with his sire, his siblings and various retired Chinese Shar-pei. I brought Arctic home here at Easter time 2014. When Arctic first visited our little marina, he walked out on a slip and crouched, ready to jump in his boat, and he paused and looked up at me. I had to say, “I’m sorry, Arctic, darling, we don’t have a boat yet.” This summer while we were at the marina in St. Ignace, he saw the boats in the slips and started tossing his head in a figure 8, determined to slip his collar. Arctic made the rounds all up and down the slips of the marina and then, suddenly satisfied with his exploration, made a mad dash back to me and jumped into the back seat of the car. It was as if he was checking for his original family. I thought to myself, “I’ve got to get this dog a Hobie kayak!” Most people I ask about it think I’m seeking the impossible. But I’m not talking about a tippy single-person enclosed, more like a fishing kayak with room for Arctic. Preferably 40 pounds or less kayak; Arctic and I weigh 200 pounds. Can you steer me in the right direction for a Hobie with whatever accessories are needed? I’m not sure what model you’re sailing in this picture. Arctic is 21 months old and still a pup. My previous experience is canoeing with a terrier-mix in front of me and a lab-mix behind me. We lived on a little lake then and went out a lot. I don’t have the canoe anymore. So far the Hobies seem to have the most potential for us, but I can’t access my research on a wobbly computer (172 miles one way to the nearest Best Buy). In that town is a business called Sailsport Marine. They’re used to equipping fishermen, but women with dogs not so much. I’m new to kayaks and may not be describing well what I’m looking for. I’ve tried the other route, starting with an outdoor gear pet store, but they’re not into kayaks yet. Everything is drive, drive, drive, up here, and sketchy internet, but beautiful. Any clues you can give me will be much appreciated, Jessica. You and your dog look so happy. Teresa

    1. Hello Teresa, sorry I just saw this post! Thanks for the interest and kind words! Yes, I LOVE Hobie kayaking, I will usually only take a Hobie, for 1 they’re a sit-on-top and self-bailing (any water that comes in, goes out, great for large water), plus I can move around easier specially with my dog. I’m in a Hobie Mirage Revolution 11.6, has a 275lbs capacity and weighs 64lbs! I know you were looking for something around 40lbs., but unfortunately a Hobie wouldn’t be an option, the great thing about a Hobie is they offer wheels which makes it so you can pull it and it takes away about half the weight. Usually sit-on-tops tend to run a little heavier, the average weight of a sit-on-top is about 50lbs. For what your wanting to do I would gear you more toward the Hobie Mirage Outback 12’1″, its slightly wider and weight capacity goes up to 400lbs, but the Revolution 11.6 would work fine also. Please feel free to give us a call at (518)843-3232 anytime, we’re family owned and operated and all about customer service! Thanks for your comment and I hope I helped answer some questions!

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